Theres two ways to look at it when this kind of crap goes down. The first is that Sports Illustrated, like ESPN, does a really marvelous job undercutting its truly great hockey coverage(mostly online, courtesy of the great Alex Prewitt) with poor editorial decisions around its brand. Like when a P.K. Subban cover story was deemed proper for Canada but not for the United States , with the U.S. cover instead dedicated to a running back who is out of the League and played a total of 16 games in the NFL, but happened to be a Patriot at the time. Its like leaving hockey out of a year-end video: Oversight through pandering, rather than fulfilling journalistic duty. But the other way to look at it is that the NHL, for all of its white flame solution hemsida billion-dollar rights deals and brand expansion and marketing stunts, still isnt seen as vital or memorable to the decision-makers and gate-keepers in professional sports media. That goes for a Sports Illustrated video, a SportsCenter highlights rundown, the real estate in many newspapers sports sections across the U.S. and this very website, which found room for Hulk Hogan and Caitlyn Jenner in its goofy sports bracket but not an American hockey player. So while Sports Illustrated should be rightfully pilloried for leaving news that was good enough for its cover out of its year-end video retrospective, its also appropriate for hockey fans to ask why, in fact, that did happen.

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Professional Tips For Smart Video Marketing Strategies

Video-on-demand.raffic alone will have almost trebled . Engage viewers and they will share the video with others. Like Dove, Always has been approaching their marketing by combining empowering messages with realistic -- as opposed to idealistic -- portrayals of their target audience. This helps people understand how it works before they download or buy. I can guarantee that you will not like your first take of any video you record.  If you provide a service or Saab software as a service, using video to describe a complicated process is the perfect way to clearly describe it to consumers. Share your video making tips and experiences in the comment box below. Photo. Episode 49: All Software Companies Should Make 2 Videos There are two main types of marketing videos that almost every Saab and cloud based software company should use to grow their business. Give it a try to report back to let us know about your successes.

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